Did you know that asides from cleaning d

Did you know that asides from cleaning during your oral exam, your dentist will also examine your #bite? They will look for any irregularities that could compromise your dental health. And dentists closely monitor the development and eruption pattern of children’s teeth so orthodontic referrals can be done at the proper time. Now you know!

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Congratulations! You know that glass of

Congratulations! You know that glass of red you pour yourself after a hard day at work? It isn’t only helping your stress, but ALSO your oral health.
Studies in Italy have shown that chemicals in red wine called proanthocyanidins, phytonutrients found in foods like grapes, apples and chocolate that have antioxidant properties, seem to prevent the bacteria Streptococcus mutans, which causes tooth decay, from sticking to saliva and teeth.
Bottoms up! Drink responsibility. http://ow.ly/i/xVZCN

10 Things Worse Than Having A Cavity Filled

10 Things Worse Than Having A Cavity Filled

After putting it off for so long, is it finally time to book that cavity filling appointment? We know it can be scary, and it can be the epitome of being uncomfortable. But hey, think of it this way. There are worse things.

Here are some examples to help you feel better about being in that dentist chair.

When you’re waiting for your food to arrive at a restaurant, and right when the server is walking over with your plates, they drop them everywhere on the ground.



After going to the beach to lay in the sun on a gorgeous summer day, but you realize no matter how hard you try you can’t even out your farmers tan.


Walking past someone’s desk really quickly at work and simultaneously bumping your toe against the edge of the desk, and knocking their contents to the ground.

MRW I smash my pinky toe into the coffee table during a family gathering - Imgur


Accidentally leaving a piece of gum in your jeans and putting them through the wash. No matter how hard you try to pick at it with a toothpick, they never go back to the way they were.

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